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Full name is Alexander Aizenberg, (Aizen=Iron Berg=Mountain… and that’s a detailed image of iron ore as my blog’s banner), and I reside on the Upper East Side of lovely New York City with my lovely wife Sonya and our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Titian (as in Tiziano Vecellio, the Venetian renaissance painter whom enjoyed painting these marvelous dogs, see Venus Urbino). We are both from Russian immigrant families, I came by way of Israel to Boston, Sonya by way of Italy to New Jersey… that fact drives a lot of what we enjoy, who we are, and what we do. No we don’t play chess, but yes we do collect art (Mortimer Borne, Mario Berrino), tschockies, and literature (i.e. various first editions, older titles, timeless masters, and key cook books)… we also enjoy our black tea, red borscht and herring, but always crave falafel, hummus and tahini.


We are big wine drinkers, and foodies (currently on a mission to eat through the top 10 restaurants in NYC (Per Se, Le Bernardin and Daniel already done). Ever since getting a sophisticated 3 case wine fridge as a wedding present, from my best friend Bill Hernderson, we’ve been sipping, spitting, and slurping wine… mainly focused on reds from Napa/Sonoma, but Alsatian whites have always been a staple as well. What can I say we enjoy the good life, and we work hard enough for it, so don’t be hatin’… please.

As for work (no i am NOT the heir to the Iron Mountain fortune), I am employed by Weber Shandwick at the Global Strategic Media group as an Group Manager, and Sonya’s an Internal Finance Manager at Moody’s Corporation…opinions expressed here are of course my (our) own and do not reflect the perceptions of these companies, or anyone else really…

Anyway, the two of us work very hard and complement each other well, she’s got the finances and the numbers, I’m the word/song and dance guy. We go together like rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga a dong… or something, but I love her dearly, she is my life (even if she’s a right of center and I’m left of center). We’ve known each other since 3 days after HS graduation, and I proposed 5 years to the day after we met, at the very same spot, lobby of Loews Mountainside in NJ. I used my mad awesome PR skills to get Loews to let me use the lobby advertising scroll for free… for a better corporate image… they proceeded to take pics and include us in their quarterly newsletter, and sent us a bazillion copies.


SO young… went to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith… how fitting.

Other than all that jazz, I’m an avid Gonzo fan, and enjoy ALL things Hunter S. Thompson… I have the following note blown up and inspiring me every day, he wrote this for a fan after 9/11…


Additionally, I own 11 guitars, several of them Fender Stratocasters from various years, oldest being 1979… I used to play lead guitar in a cover/remake band (BSR MDY), as well as am the acting guitarist in the ONLY PR Agency house-band, Webster’s Sandwich. We do an annual ‘live band karaoke’ event called Agency Idol; past the third year mark… it’s cool, and there is open bar.

Also, I’m really into global politics (I did after all survive communism [Russia], lived through socialism [Israel], and reside in capitalism [US], so y’know, experience), and consider myself a true fence sitting centrist… come and get my vote folks!

I think that’s about it (oh, GO RED SOX!)… for the rest, check out my Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn pages… see ya’ll on the flip side.


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